Saturday, June 6, 2015

#149 Easter break Day 2


it's been a long time 
since the last post...
ni boleh letak

to travel is to take a journey into yourself
it leaves you speechless,
the turns you into a storyteller.

so this is it...
Jaulah Easter break Day 2

we are heading to Auckland
before going to Rotorua the next day.

she is our best driver so far.
her driving skills is very good..
and she can drive for the whole day!!!

the journey begins...

 we suppose to go up to Mt. Ruapehu
unfortunately, we can't went up 
so we just stop nearby and took some pictures.

she's enjoying the view and the fresh air...

this is my way of enjoying nature...
tersepit between pokok is cool what..

then we met this cute gigantic wooden kiwi replica
-the biggest so far...

these are my bantal busyuk 
if you hurt them 
i'll hurt you 
(bajet2 kak long kawasan :) )


they are so happy
being together is happinnes

it waas hard to take a picture with all of us in it..
like seriously SUSAH
but this is the best we could do...
(semua senyum nampak gigi)

jalan tu jalan jugak..
jangan lupa solat ye kawan-kawan...
stop at random lake
and perform our prayer... 

and we continue our journey to Auckland :)

p/s: jangan tanya kenapa muka tu macam tu...
ya Allah bulatnyaaa
Pss: rindu jalan-jalan

so second day we spend almost half of our time in the car..
but then it was awesome..
being with all of you..

the end of
bila the sivins jalan-jalan day 2